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Abstract Truth I Red Wine Barrel-Aged Dark Saison

Red Wine Barrel-Aged Dark Saison - 9.0%

330ml Bottle

Bottled September 2020

Cases Produced: 50

Abstract Truth is our dark saison aged in a variety of red wine barrels with wild yeast for up to 14 months. We get notes of dark cherry, cocoa-dusted raisin, sweet pipe tobacco, leather and a dash of dark chocolate. For a truly transcendent food pairing, enjoy this beer with well-aged goat cheese and fig jam on a baguette.

Label photograph by Jeffrey Freeman

Layout by Daryll Peirce

Gluten-Reduced! We are proud that all of our beers are gluten-reduced, using an enzyme that breaks down specific protein compounds without affecting other beer characteristics like mouthfeel, flavor and aroma. For more details, READ THIS