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Alibi Beer Bond

Love Alibi and love earning interest? Of course you do! Looking for a low risk, high return investment that also supports small business? Of course you are! Well look no further, Alibi Beer Bonds are here!

For a limited time, we are selling Beer Bond gift cards where you can earn up to 60% annual interest in exchange for waiting until a set maturity date to redeem them. That's up to 1000% higher returns than the US bond market! You pick your initial investment amount and the bond length, exercise a bit of patience, and watch your money grow! Check out our fancy Beer Bond Yield Table below. 

 Bond Length  1 month  2 months  3 months  6 months  12 months
 Investment Amount  5%  10%  15%  20%  30%
 $100  $105  $110  $115  $120  $130
 $200  $210  $220  $230  $240  $260
 $300  $315  $330  $345  $360  $390
 $400  $420  $440  $460  $480  $520
 $500  $525  $550  $575  $600  $650
 $1,000  $1,050  $1,100  $1,150  $1,200  $1,300


Beer Bond gift cards are valid at all three Alibi locations, but not our online store.

Shipping is FREE on all Beer Bonds!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a beer bond and wait longer than the agreed upon maturity date to use it, does it continue appreciating in value? 

Answer: No. The maturity value is set when the card is purchased. 

Is an Alibi Beer Bond a registered security?

Answer: absolutely not. 

Is an Alibi Beer Bond a good investment?

Answer: Hell yes (but you should have a beer with your financial advisor to be sure). 

Would you rather buy a traditional electronic gift card (valid at our pubs, not our online store) that you can email to a friend right away? Click HERE