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Contradiction I Golden Mocha "Stout"

Golden Mocha "Stout" - 6.0%

4-pk 16oz cans

Contradiction is a beer with an identity crisis. Looks like a pale ale, drinks like a stout. It's a golden ale brewed with oats and milk sugar (lactose) that's conditioned with loads of coffee, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans. A super creamy, golden-colored "stout" that's unlike any beer you've ever tasted! 

Malt: Pale Malt, Oats, Carafoam
Hops: Magnum
Yeast:  Alibi Ale Yeast
Water: Pure Lake Tahoe Water
Fancy Stuff: Coffee (CoffeeBar Zephyr Blend), Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Lactose

Gluten-Reduced! We are proud that all of our beers are gluten-reduced, using an enzyme that breaks down specific protein compounds without affecting other beer characteristics like mouthfeel, flavor and aroma. For more details, READ THIS